Meeting Schedule

AA Meeting Schedule 08-26-14

Recent Changes (July & August)

  • NEW MEETING: Odessa Group meets at 7:00pm on Thursdays at 302 S 1st Street (Heritage Church) in the basement. The other Odessa Meetings are kaput.
  • NEW MEETING: Wake Up! at the Hoot – meets at 2016 E Sprague (the Hoot Owl) at 7:00 am every morning
  • First Things First let go 2 of its 16 meetings. Saturday 9:00am (Plus 24 meeting) is cancelled and Sunday 7:00pm is cancelled.
  • NEW MEETING: Sober Ethics meets at 7:00am at 1700 W 7th (Alano Club) in the Blue Room
  • WORKING IT OUT: is cancelled

Al-Anon Meeting Schedule    (Jul-Aug-Sep 2014) Note: AA is not allied with Al-Anon. This schedule is provided as a courtesy to family and friends of alcoholics.

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