Meeting Schedule

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Recent Changes (April & May)

  • New Meeting: MORNING REFLECTION meets at 8:00 am Monday – Friday at 1510 N Monroe (Pura Vida Recovery)
  • New Meeting: MOVING FORWARD WEST meets at 8:30pm on Fridays at 1804 W Broadway (The Porch)
  • New  Meeting: AA NOONER meets at 12:00pm on Saturdays at 1700 W 7th Ave (Alano Club)
  • New Meeting: MANITO MORNING MEETING meets at 6:30 am to 7:15 am Monday through Friday at 3220 S Grand (Manito Methodist Church) in Room 119 [flyer]
  • New Meeting: BRING YOUR OWN BOOK BIG BOOK STUDY will meet at 5:15 on Thursdays at 5109 N Adams (Immanuel Baptist Church) [flyer]
  • The Young People’s Group is changing the names of their two meetings. Young People’s Book Study is now YOUNG AT HEART – WEST. They still meet 7-8pm on Mondays at 1700 W 7th (Alano Club). Gonzaga Young People’s Meeting is now YOUNG AT HEART – EAST. They still meet 8-9pm on Thursdays at 502 E Boone (College Hall at Gonzaga University), but they’ve moved to room 134[flyer]
  • New Meeting: S.I.S. WOMEN’S MEETING will meet at 7:00pm on Fridays at 3114 E 5th (5th Ave Fellowship Hall) Open meeting [flyer]
  • Note: HOOTER WOMENS GROUP meets at 10:30 AM at 3114 E 5th (5th Ave Fellowship Hall)
  • New Meeting: [name to be determined] will be starting June 10th at the House of Charity 32 W Pacific on Wednesdays at 7:00pm. This meeting was initiated by local police & DA via Area 92 PI –> District 2 PI Committee. Way cool!! Please come support this meeting – it’s truly front line AA. [flyer]

2015 APR MAY JUNE Al-Anon Schedule   Note: AA is not allied with Al-Anon. This schedule is provided as a courtesy to family and friends of alcoholics.

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